September 10th 2022

The 16th Annual Young Aviators Day - Saturday 10th September 2022

Each year Young Aviators is totally different, but the aims are always the same - to provide a fun day out, filled with inspiration, encouragement, great ideas, education and most of all fun! The Young Aviators will get the opportunity to see lots of different elements of flying - from gliders, balloons and microlights, to LAA type aircraft, larger 4 seat aircraft and vintage type aircraft.

For all the 80 to 90 Young Aviator participants (pre-registration is vital, as each year it is strictly by invitation only), their friends and for all the families.

If you would like to take part as a Young Aviator, or you would like to volunteer to help out, or be one of the pilots providing flights, or you would like to sponsor the event, please contact Andre Faehndrich by email:

Please click on Young Aviators for further information about the event or to register to take part.


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