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Friends of Sywell Aerodrome

The Friends of Sywell Aerodrome (FOSA) has been established to promote and preserve this historic site and to make the flying community and its events accessible to a wider and more diverse audience.

Sywell has been an important centre for aviation for over 85 years, and attracts flying enthusiasts across a wide spectrum of interests, from conventional light aircraft to microlights and gliders. Many enthusiasts also come to Sywell because of its historic links to the Second World War and the important role it played in pilot training and in the building and servicing of bomber aircraft.


FOSA's main objectives are:

  • To preserve General Aviation at Sywell
  • To preserve and promote the history of Sywell
  • To promote aviation to the General Public
  • To help make aviation more accessible to the General Public
  • To encourage more people to 'Fly for Fun'
  • To keep local people informed
  • To promote good relations and involve the local community wherever possible
  • To develop facilities to the membership's advantage
  • To actively represent the GA community
  • To support other GA bodies, particularly when under threat and in need of help

FOSA's aims are:

  • To link all Sywell's aviators and enthusiasts in a common cause
  • To hold aviation and other social events during the year
  • To hold Fly-ins and Fly-outs to destinations in the UK and abroad
  • To raise funds for local charities
  • To make aviators more residentially friendly

Annual Membership Cost: £5.00

FOSA members will receive :

  • Car windscreen sticker
  • Aerodrome Magazine
  • Members on the mailing lists for future events etc.

Please email us for an application form.

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