Aerodrome Layout

Runway Dimensions (m) Surface TORA (m) LDA(m) Threshold elevation Lighting
 03L 1258 x 30 Concrete 1199 1000 391 On request  
 21R 1258 x 30 Concrete 1100 1000 420 On request  
03R/21L  671 x 30 Grass 671 671 389/410 Nil  
 14/32 799 x 25 Grass 799 799 416/384 Nil   
 05/23 602 x 30 Grass 602 602 391/390 Nil  
Callsign: Sywell Traffic on 122.705 
Operational hours:

Strictly PPR online only. 0900-1800 (local).

Mondays - Aerodrome closed to all visiting aircraft, no fuel available.

Tuesdays to Friday - Aerodrome open, RFFS CAT 1/2 and fuel available.

Saturdays & Sundays - Aerodrome open, RFFS CAT 1 and fuel available.

Note: Hard Runway midweek closures may be in operation. See status page for details.

Sywell is not available to Aircraft that require a Licensed Aerodrome.

Landing fee: See charges page
Customs: Yes, prior notice required
Fuel: AVGAS 100LL and Jet A1. Only AVGAS is self service. JETA1 is available within aerodrome open hours only with a bowser also available. Self-service pumps accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch and Delta. 
Fire cover:

Category 1 (Category 2 on request)

 Sywell is not available to aircraft that require a Licensed Aerodrome.


Operated by Sywell Aviation Ltd, Sywell, Northampton, NN6 0BT. All visiting helicopters to Sloane Helicopters are strictly PPR online.

Fixed wing circuits at 1000 ft QFE; left-hand on runways 03, 14 and 23, right-hand on runways 05, 21 and 32.

Helicopter circuits at 800 ft QFE in opposite direction to fixed wing. Heli's must arrive/depart via notified routes only.

Runways 03L/21R and 03R/21L referred to as 03/21 Hard or Grass as appropriate.

See PPR page for additional procedures document including Helicopter routes chart.


All runways have non-standard white centre-line markings. A small arms range (.22 rifle and clay pigeon shooting) is located approx 1000 m NNW of the aerodrome perimeter between the approaches to runways 15 and 21.

See status page for current information.

Facilities: Restaurant, bar and hotel (59 bedrooms) with aircraft parking adjacent. Full conference facilities available.


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