Airfield Status and Weather


The current Aerodrome Operating Hours are as follows;

Mondays - Aerodrome unlicensed, no AFIS, RFFS or fuel available

Tuesdays to Fridays - Aerodrome unlicensed, no AFIS. RFFS Cat 2 and fuel available

Weekends - Aerodrome unlicensed No AFIS. RFFS CAT 1 and fuel available

Sywell Aerodrome (Northampton) is strictly PPR for all aircraft.

PPR can be requested via email - please click on PPR for more information.


**Runways 05 / 23 and 14 / 32 are CLOSED to all fixed wing and flex wing aircraft until further notice**




Fixed wing ops: Unavailable

Helicopter ops: Unavailable

Information current as of 14:46 on 22 | 07 | 2021 (local)

Weather Warnings:

There are no weather warnings at this time.

Latitude: 52.3°

Longitude: -0.79°

Condition: Partly cloudy

Wind: 13.8kts

Gust: 22.8kts

Direction: 237° (WSW)

Temperature: 11.9°C

Pressure: 1007hPa

Precipitation: 0mm

Humidity: 79%

Cloud: 6

Visibility: 6miles

Weather current as of 23:47 on 28 | 07 | 2021 (local)

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