Book-Out PPR

Sywell Aerodrome (Northampton) is strictly PPR for all non based aircraft.

PPR for departures leaving Sywell can be requested using the form below. This form is primarily for use by 2Excel, Sloane and other Out of Hours departure requests. 

(Note: Non based aircraft are not required to submit a specific departure request if the departure is during operational hours. However please check NOTAMs to ensure the aerodrome is available for your planned departure date.)

Requests are monitored between 8.30am and 6.00pm Tuesday to Sunday and twice per day on Mondays. Once we have processed your request an email response will be sent either confirming or declining the departure.

Any pilot that operates without PPR or ignores NOTAM will be barred from Sywell Aerodrome in the interests of safety.

If you have any questions or queries please email the Tower: tower@sywellaerodrome.co.uk

By submitting your Departure request, you are confirming you are aware of, and will follow all applicable Aerodrome Procedures.

Download Aerodrome Procedures here.

Please ensure you check Airfield Status and  UK AIS NOTAM website.

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