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New Technology Park!

9th Oct 2020

Back in May 2019 a fire destroyed 88,800 sq.ft of factory, office and storage areas here at Sywell Aerodrome. Thanks to the great work of Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue, neighbouring Fire crews and our own in-house fire crew, the fire was contained to three interlinked units and did not spread to surrounding buildings.

Now nearly eighteen months on, the site has been cleared and is ready for construction.

Sywell Aerodrome is pleased to confirm that planning permission has been approved for a new “Technology Park” on the footprint of the site of the lost units. The proposed structure is to be called “Brooklands Technology Park” and has been designed to complement the Art Deco theme that already runs throughout much of the Aerodrome. A lot of thought and consideration has gone into the aesthetics of the design, as well as its environmental impact to ensure that it is a positive improvement on the unit that was originally lost.

This is a very exciting project for everyone here at Sywell Aerodrome and we hope to start construction before the end of the year.

Further information on Brooklands Technology Park can be found at www.brooklandstechnologypark.co.uk

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