Airfield Status

Fixed wing ops: OK OK    Helicopter ops: OK OK

Runway in use: 23, circuit direction: LH, closing at: 1800.

Information current as of 15:44 on 22/03/2019 (local).

Additional information



Fri 22nd March 2019

Unofficial Met Observation ~  1245 230/11G19 10km Nil OVC 1800'(PIREP) H1025 E1010 +10/+7

Helicopter Circuit ~ RH

RFFS Cat ~  2

Sunset ~ 1819

Met Warnings ~ Nil 

See below for 2Excel programme

Aerodrome Warnings

 1. All Fixed wing & Microlight pilots departing on runways 21R, 21L and 23 are requested to climb straight

ahead to 500 feet before turning

2. Sywell AFIS Frequency Change. Due to the change over to an 8.33 kHz frequency, Sywell Information will be 122.705 WEF 1st April 2018 Aircraft unable to comply will need to operate NORDO subject to an AFIS briefing. Aircraft that are NORDO will not be permitted to fly circuits or out of hours.

3. A Quadcopter will fly over Sywell Reservoir weekdays 1330-1440 max height 300' AGL

4. Avoid trampling the Rwy 14/32 centrelines due to surface cracks.

5. New AFIS telephone number 01604 801630

6. RW 03R/21L Closed due soft surfaces

7. Spare

8. New Grass Rwy 14/32 now marked, awaiting Licensing. AVOID the newly chalked part west of 03L/21R

9. AGL Rwy 03L/21R New PERM Runway edge, threshold and touchdown lights installed. Exercise caution when turning or vacating this runway.

10. Revised Helicopter Joining Procedures. Heli ATZ Entry/Exit points now via "Heli East, Heli West, Heli Northeast"

NOTAMS. Pilots are responsible for making a more comprehensive check.

1.   Cambridge not avbl to visiting acft Saturdays and Sundays only until 1800 3rd Mar 19 (C0034/19)

2.   Cranfield Instrument approach trials. Transit traffic may be refused ATZ entry, no other traffic accepted 271000-271615 Feb (L1443/19)

3.   Spare

4.   Spare

5.   Spare

6.   Spare

7.   Spare

8.   Spare

2 Excel Programme (Aerobatics may take place during AFIS hours 3nms radius ARP up to 5000' AGL UK AIP AD2-EGBK-1-5 Para 4e refers) No movements permitted during displays.) 


SLOT 1 1100-1120; SLOT 2 1300-1320; SLOT 3 1500-1520 (all times local)

Mon 25th Mar - All 3 slots

Tue 26th Mar - All 3 slots

Wed 27th Mar - All 3 slots

Thur 28th Mar - Nothing planned

Fri 29th Mar - All 3 slots

Sat 23rd Mar - Nothing planned

Sun 24th Mar - Nothing Planned

Aerodrome Events

Please see the events page.


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